It’s time for... Samba!

Another great webinar on our zoom channel.

All couples of our associates had the chance to take part in an effervescent and energetic webinar held once again by a world champion, this time the Show Dance professional champion: Steeve Gaudet.
This event, as well as the previous ones, were open to both teachers and athletes and Steeve spoke about the first Latin American dance, Samba!
It was a very interesting in-depth study that embraced both a theorical part in which the history of dance and the different types of Samba were analyzed (to be able to understand them in full intensity and interpretation), and an active part where our guest invited all participants to do small exercises with him.
Like the previous webinars this one was also totally free of charge for all athletes of the Focus family associates. For this reason we would like to thank once more our friend Steeve for the precious time and the knowledge he shared with us.
See you on the next episode!